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Chapter 5

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Human Resources
MHR 733
Rupa Banerjee

Chapter 5 Training Design 1 Write training objectives 2 Decide to purchase or design training program 3 Create effective request for proposal RFP to purchase training services and programs 4 Determine the training content 5 Decide on the training methods 6 Incorporate active practice into the training program 7 Integrate errors into learning and training1 Training ObjectivesTraining objective statement of what trainees are expected to be able to do after a training programEmphasis of training is usually learning on the job behavior and job performance Five Key Elements in Writing Training Objective 1 Who is to perform the desired behaviour 2 What is the actual behaviour 3 Where is the behaviour to be demonstrated 4 When is the behaviour to be demonstrated 5 What is the standard by which the behaviour w
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