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Lecture 5

MHR 741 Lecture 5: CHAPTER 9

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

CHAPTER 9 Teams – groups of people who are interdependent in the tasks they perform, affect one another’s behaviour through interaction and see themselves as a unique entity Team Development: Forming: the team is faced with the need to become acquainted with its members, its purpose and its boundaries. Relationships much be formed and trust established. Clarity of direction is needed from team leaders Norming: the team is faced with creating cohesion and unity, differentiating roles, identifying expectations for members, and enhancing commitment. Providing supportive feedback and fostering commitment to a vision are needed from team leaders Storming: the team is faced with disagreements, counterdependence, and the need to manage conflict. Challenges include violations of team norms and expectations and overcoming groupthink. Focusing on process improvement, recognizing team achievement, and fostering win/win relationships are needed from team leaders Performing: the team is faced with the need for continuous improvement, innovation, speed, and capitalizing on core competencies. Sponsoring team members new ideas, orchestrating their implementation and fostering extraordinary performance are needed from the team leaders Attributed of High-Performing Teams: - Performance outcomes o High –performing teams produce something, they do things - Specific, shared purpose and vision o The more specific the purpose the more commitment, trust and coordination can occur - Mutual, internal accountability o Self-evaluation and accountability characterize a high-performing team - Blurring of formal distinctions o Team members do whatever is needed to contribute to the task, regardless of previous positions or titles - Coordinated, shared work roles o Individuals work in coordination with others on the team - Inefficiency leading to efficiency o Overtime as the team develops, because they come to know one another so well and can anticipate each other’s moves, they become much more efficient than single people working alone - Extraordinarily high quality o Teams produce outcomes above and beyond current standards of performance - Creative continuous improvement o Large-scale innovations as well as never-ending small improvements characterize the team’s processes and activities - High credibility and trust o Team members trust one another implicitly, defend members who are not present, and form interdependent relationships with one another - Clarity of core competence o The unique talents and strategic advantages of the team and its members are clear Ways to Build Team Leader Credibility: - Demonstrate integrity, representing authenticity, and displaying congruence - Being clear and consistent about what they want to achieve - Creating positive energy by being optimistic and complimentary - Building a base of agreement among team members before moving on, with a focus on task accomplishment - Managing agreement and disagreement among team members by using one- sided and two-sided arguments appropriately - Encouraging and coaching team members - Sharing information about the team itself, providing perspective external sources and encouraging participation SMART goals and Everest goals: SMART: specific, measurable, aligned, realistic, timely - Specific o The goal is clear and precise targets and standards are identified - Measurable o The goal can be assessed and quantified. The extend to which the goal has been achieved is obvious - Aligned o The goal is supportive of and consistent with the goals of the broader organization - Realistic o While being difficult and causing performance to stretch, the goal is not foolhardy a fantasy - Timely o An end point is identified or a completion date established so that goal achievement is not open-ended Everest goals: are not merely stretch targets,
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