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Lecture 5

MHR 741 Lecture 5: CHAPTER 5

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

CHAPTER 5 Powerful managers can: - Intercede favourably on behalf of someone in trouble - Get a desirable placement for a talented subordinate - Get approval for expenditures beyond the budget - Get items on and off the agenda at policy meetings - Get fast access to top decision makers - Maintain regular, frequent contact with top decision makers - Acquire early information about decisions and policy shifts The Necessity of Power and Empowerment 1. Organizations are becoming less hierarchical, or flatter as they downsize layers of management and as they outsource work that can be done more cheaply by someone else 2. Information technology, such as computers, is helping to decentralize the flow of information to lower levels of the organizational hierarchy 3. Traditional boundaries within and between organizations are becoming blurred. 4. The percentage of the workforce working in companies with fewer than 100 employees is increasing Sources of Personal Power - Expertise (reflects knowledge and capabilities) o Task-relevant knowledge or experience o Great organizational equalizer because it can come from formal education, self-directed learning or on the job experience o Reliable - Personal attraction (involves affective appeal) o Desirable characteristics associated with friendship o Charisma, agreeable behaviour and physical characteristics ▪ The ability to inspire followers with devotion, enthusiasm ▪ An attractive aura, great charm ▪ A divinely conferred power or talent o Likeable - Effort (suggests personal commitment and motivation) o Higher than expected commitment of time o Means they are dependable - Legitimacy (conveys credibility) o Behaviour consistent with any key organizational value o Legitimacy increases acceptance o Acceptable Sources of Positional Power - Centrality
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