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Genevieve Farrell

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Class 8 – November 1, 2012 MHR741 Section 021 – Thursday (10AM-1PM) Conflict  Diagnosing conflict in any given situation is very important - if you know the cause, it is easier to resolve conflict  Conflict is not just limited to human species, we see it in animals, mammals, birds, etc.  Conflict is an assumption/misperception by people that leads to negative outcomes that could have been avoided  By itself, conflict is neither negative, nor positive; it is neutral  It brings good and bad things to a team  Lack of conflict leads to lack of balance in your life  Functional conflict: helps the organization by increasing productivity, innovation & creativity  Dysfunctional conflict: counters productivity and hinders innovation  If the team bonds against the source of conflict, it strengthens team dynamics, increases cohesiveness between members and increases productivity and efficiency  Conflict within the team reduces cohesion, causes discomfort leading to lower
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