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MHR741 Class 9

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Human Resources
MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

Class 9 – November 15, 2012 MHR741 Section 021 – Thursday (10AM-1PM) Power: the negative side  In HR, the exercise of power goes on daily; it is used through several organizational aspects:  recruitment and selection: affects people to a large extent - how/where you advertise job postings in your organization is a way to use power negatively - rough cuts in screening is where a lot of power is held to make choices - throughout the process, applicants can be discriminated against - common grounds include: age, race, gender, color, personality type  policies and procedures  compensation and benefits  monetary benefits/absenteeism policies  performance management  training and development  downsizing and layoffs (LIFO? Seniority? FIFO?)  discrimination and harassment  bullying and violence in the workplace Power has several sources:  Referent  Status/position  Expert(ise)  Information: - data; - control over access to people  Reward/incentive  Coercion  Authoritative - the zone of acceptance - which tasks are falling under this zone? Picking up boss’ laundry? - the idea of dependence: the more you are dependent on someone else, the more power they hold over you - even if you have a high dependence on someone, they also have a slight counter dependence on you; this is a weak power  Power has many different layers to it  Another hug
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