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MHR741 Class 5

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Human Resources
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MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

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Class 5 – October 4, 2012 MHR741 Section 021 – Thursday (10AM-1PM) GRPI (Notes from lecture)  Effective team: one that has survived the experience of working together and is satisfied with the work they have done  Teams must establish goals and know where they want to get to - these goals cannot be ambiguous - they must be specific, measurable,… (SMART GOALS)  People’s expectations must be solidified and communicated within members  Vagueness of goals is a direct path towards conflict and low productivity  Having a clear goal gives the team a sense of identity  Members should think about what strengths they bring to the team - are you a problem solver? - are you a harmonizer? - are you an innovator? a risk-taker?  Leadership roles must also be identified - can be one person - can be a rotating role - can also be no one in particular (task & maintenance roles)  Task role: the main focus is on the project  Maintenance role: the main focus is on the people  Personal/unproductive roles: when members put themselves above the team  How do we encourage honesty? How can we trust and respect each other? “Team Picnic: Treasure Hunt” (Notes based on video)  “The key to success is teamwork”  Synergy is achieved when the team’s outcome is more than what its member’s put in; for example: a team will have achieved synergy when th
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