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Lecture 4

MHR 749 Lecture 4: MHR WEEK FOUR

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 749
Margaret Yap

WEEK FOUR: Chapter 6 Skill-Based Pay Structures Link pay to the depth or breadth of the skills, abilities, and knowledge a person acquires that is relevant to the work pay individuals for all the relevant skills for which they have been certified regardless of whether the work they are doing requires all or just a few of those particular skill very different approach compared to a job-based plan, which pays employees for the job to which they are assigned, regardless of the skills they possess Purpose of the Skill-Based Structure support the strategy support work flow fair to employees motivate behaviour toward organizational objectives Types of Skill-Based Plans Specialist: Depth Pay is based on knowledge of the person doing the job, rather than on job content or output. Basic responsibilities do not vary on a day-to-day basis. Generalist / Multiskill Based: Breadth Earn pay increases by acquiring new knowledge. Assigned to jobs based on certification and work flow. Responsibilities can change over a short time. Skill Analysis A systematic process to identify and collect information about skills required to perform work in an organization What information to collect? o Specific information on every aspect of the production process. Establish methods to determine and certify skills o Peer review, on-the-job demonstrations, or tests. o Scheduled fixed review points and recertification. Whom to involve? o Employees and managers. Outcomes of Skill-Based Plans Well accepted by employees. o Provide strong motivation for individuals to increase their skills. Become increasingly expensive. A plans success is determined by how well it aligns with the organizations strategy. May fit better in a firm with low labor costs. Jack-of-all-trades? Or master of none?
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