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chapter 5

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Human Resources
MHR 849
Rupa Banerjee

Chapter 5: Information Technology for HR Planning IT and HRM - Information Technology (IT): all hardware and software, including networking and communication technologies o Can help project supply and demand for HR o Can support succession planning and career development plans o Provides powerful storage and retrieval capabilities - Five applications that received highest levels of IT support were: o Storing important data such as wages, vacation, and sick time o Transferring employee data between HR and outside payroll systems o Generating organizational charts o Posting jobs openings within the organization o Tracking labour costs - Five HR applications that received lowest levels of IT support were: o Providing employees with self assessment and career development guidance o Providing employees with ergonomics assessment assistance o Measuring the needs and results of diversity initiatives o Letting employees make changes to their own benefit records o Online service delivery of employee assistance programs - IT usage is more associated with: o HR’s greater involvement in supporting successful implementation of business strategy and delivering tangible results o Greater HR involvement in strategic roles of business partner and change agent o More positive assessments of the technical and strategic effectiveness of HR function - Outsourcing: a contractual arrangement that has an outside company manage some functions that were previously handled in-house IT for HR Planning IT supports HR planning with focus on three important applications: 1. Skills Inventories – employee name, seniority, classification, part or fulltime work status, work history and record of jobs held in organization, education, training, skill competencies, history of performance appraisals, and future jobs desired by or recommended for individual, as well as hobbies and interests that may be useful for organizational planning 2. Replacement Charts – used to support process of finding replacements for key managerial positions - Typical information includes o Predicted departure dates o Performance appraisal data and information o Short list of possible successors o How ready possible successors are to be replacements 3. Succession Management – preparing employees for future jobs within the organization and developing the next generation of leaders - Requires information on competences, talent pools, developmental plans, performance assessments from different sources and developmental opportunities (eg. 360 feedback) - Help individuals realize their careers plans within the organization o Through advertising internal opportunities for continuous learning and growth o Through allowing employees to assess their own skills as basis for career planning and training Different IT Solutions for Different Needs A. Human Resources Information (HRIS): a comprehensive across-the-board software system for HRM that includes subsystems or modules - “Best of breed” solution - Subsystems or modules such as o Recruitment and selection o Training and development o Time and attendance management o Pension administration - The system collects, stores, maintains data and retrieves information about employees and their jobs B. Specialty Products: software solutions for specific/ specialized applications that may or may not interface wi
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