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ITM100 Class 8-11 notes

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Deb Fels

ITM Class 8 Telecommunications the Internet and Wireless Technology Networking and Communication TrendsConvergenceTelephone networks and computer networks converging into single digital network using Internet standardsEg cable companies providing voice serviceBroadbandBroadband wireless Voice and data communication as well as Internet access are increasingly taking place over broadband wireless platforms What is a computer networkNetwork Interface Card NIC A network interface card NIC is a computer circuit board or card that is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a networkNetwork Operating System NOSRoutes and manages communications on the network and coordinates network resourcesDedicated server computerHubs Routers Switches Networks in Large CompaniesHundreds of local area networks LANs linked to firmwide corporate networkVarious powerful serversWeb siteCorporate intranet extranetBackend systemsMobile wireless LANs WiFi networksVideoconferencing systemTelephone networkWireless cell phonesKey Digital Networking TechnologiesClientserver computingClientserver computing is a distributed processing model in which some processing power is located within small inexpensive client computersThe clients are linked to one another through a network that is controlled by a network server computerThe server sets the rules of communication for the network and provides every client with an address so others can find it on the network Packet SwitchingMessages are first broken down into small bundles of data called packetsPackets are sent along different communication paths as paths become availablePackets are reassembled once they reach their destinations TCPIP and ConnectivityConnectivity between computers enabled by protocolsRules that govern transmission of information between two pointsTransmission Control ProtocolInternet Protocol TCPIP Common worldwide standard that is basis for InternetDepartment of Defense reference model for TCPIPFour layersApplication layereg httpTransport layerTCPInternet layerIPNetwork interface layerpacket traffic control Signals digital versus analogDigital discrete binary waveformAnalog continuous waveform typically used for voiceA modem modulatordemodulator converts from one state to the other
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