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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

Analysis The theme statement of this poem is romantic love This poem is about a person who has nothing to give to show their love so they write a poem and give it to them The authors uses of words create a mood of warmth comfort and safety which are all the essential aspects of love The speaker is expressing their love by composing a poem and giving it to the one they love just as somebody would give their lover a diamond ring to express their love But in reality writing your lover a poem has more depth than giving your lover lets say a diamond or a carunless of course youre a gold digger cought The author used several sound devices such as alliteration repetition rhyme and consonance to reflect the soothing reassurances spoken in a loving relationship An example of alliteration he used is in the first stanza is when he states Keep it like a warm coat when winter comes to cover you This gives us an idea of how valuable poetry is to the author The author uses repetition such as I love you as a type of reassurance of his strong lovesomething which is extremely essential in a romantic relationship In fact the number one reason we have so many divorces no a days is because couples take each others love for granted so they dont feel the need to reassure their spouse that they love them Another example of repetition is when he states
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