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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 4 • ICT ex: Blockbuster going out of business b/c of Netflix • Value Chain- sells something putting val into raw material o Connected series of activities adds val to firms o transaction - exchange of goods or services (value) between two or more parties o Primary activities - production and distribution of the org products/ services create business value for the org and customers (obtaining raw materials, creating the new product) o Support activites organization conducts to support the creation of business value Firm infrastructure (which we will call administration) Technology development Human resource (HR) management hire, fire procurement around money (finance and accounting) o Inbound logistics include activities such a raw material procurement and warehousing o Operations activities required to create a product/ service and make it available to marketplace o Outbound logistics involve warehousing and distribution of finished goods o Marketing and sales investigates what customers need and products/ services to meet their needs o Customer relationship management (CRM) provides the tools to service customers better o Administration and finance systems are aimed at automating and optimizing administrative processes to reduce costs and ensure efficiency o Human resources is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and compensation o Technology development supports the value-creating activities of the organization such as Intranet o Raw materials necessary for the product or service are acquired in the procurement process o Info tech – no org can operate w/out IT o MONEY, PPL, TECH are support functions pg 133 o Shares make profit o Mark up water + coffee = o Something delivered/ exchanged funds b/ 2 parties o Support activities sales, admin, o Org val cahin sum of primary and support o Apple looks at what they’re good at and outsource don’t manufaction apples core competency and activates can purse gain competitive adv o Ex: beer store, Ryerson admin process, purchasing apple iPod o Buy yeast, use water, pay tax b/c primary resource is 2cents worth of water, containers, put everything in tub and then ship it to store, sell when hot and dry, looks at stock o Just in time manufacturing when you order they make it o Reverse logistics getting things for you o (inputs processes outputs) • IT governance – who decides, what do they decide • Risk management compliance and control – power fails, all org need to anticipate and plan and org if something breaks • Info systems- make more efficient o Functional info systems – acc, hr, manufacturing, supply chain Keeps track of acc transactions (how much money in/ out) : Quickin hrIS – supports activates related to managing employees of org • connected to accounting IS acc and finance related –sources and uses of capital (shares, borrow money) beg resources • acc – debit/ credit manufacturing IS – how many bags, how much weight (sugar cane) processes and activities, subways marketing IS – CRS, customers net worth, how we sell to them, how makes decisions and how they buy our products o workflow management systems - supports activities that several departments of the organization may carry out. Workflow -steps, organizational resources, input and output data, and tools needed to complete a business process. • Information and documentation are needed and generated at each step • computer program manages the process itself, such as assigning the work, monitoring work progress • allow users to work with and manage the processes and the system itself. • Administration and modelling tools pro- vide a means for users to create and work with workflow models and definitions. o management information and document management systems meet the need of storing processed transaction data as reports for managers. Periodic reports – company’s annual financial statement Exception reports - exceptions occur of key values, defined as critical to the operation. Demand reports - generated based on user requests o Document management systems - recognize data management needs that re- volved around business documents documents electronically or convert them to electronic form using imaging technology more efficient and flexible o knowledge management systems - how the company recognizes, generates, manages, and shares knowledge groupware - supports teamwork with technologies that enable communication and sharing of data and information clear business goals must drive the process for sharing relevant knowledge increase employee morale o decision support systems - help businesses use communications technolo- gies, knowledge, and models to organize and access data to perform decision- making activities Financial models—use financial mathematical models and financial data to support financial decision making Statistical models—use statistics and probability to describe or forecast possible scenarios Optimization models—incorporate relatively certain data into a mathemati- cal model of a situation; solving the model helps to find the “best” solution Simulation modelling—a technique for conducting experiments that test possible outcomes resulting from a quantitative model of a system use data and parameters to help decision makers analyze a situation, o Transaction processing systems TPS application pic (textbook) Scan barcode and calc tax,takes payment from credit card (Walmart, Sobeys) Transaction is automated Know wats been bought and keep track of food/ inventory Atm/ itm displaced labour cost Moores law gets cheaper o Supply chain management – integrate around world integrates supply and demand management within and across companies supply chain - moving a product or service from supplier to customer Send to factory, get in warehouse, and ship to destination Making sure transactions manages materials, information, and finances as they move from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. seek to optimize the supply chain to create business v
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