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lecture 4

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

50 mc questions, learning edge notebook, 2 short questions (10 marks each), based on discussions, cases, textbook Val chain(2), Ryerson (5) Triangle Chapter2 Infrastructure hardware, software (salesforce), communications (radio receivers) What happens when you hit enter Identifydescribe comp send self mail o As type on keyboard A bits are converted to a bite o 1000010 o Wireless reciers a radio transmitter o Cateogory 6 cable (blue) take signals through copper cabling o Nortel o Transmittd from switch to fibre optics o Transmits in light signals o Copper wire go bout 300 yards o Lightbeam bounces back and forth o Light is more predicatble and o Network switch through email server o Beams it down to comp o 1. Reciers receive Binary digital (BITs) o 2. Routers dectermine path according to address o 3. Cabling transmits signal o Tcip figure out where msg gooes o Client server (command ask comp to do is server)
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