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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Lecture 9: Business Intelligence Business intelligence is mostly about... Analyzing data f/ a wide array of business sources Client info Competition Financial info how company performing (sales data) Knowing name, addresses of customers = use E xcel cess database = Oracle A data warehouse is... A method of storing transactional data Diff f/ database = store indiv records = operational Transactional As a BTM graduate... Will be highly involved in the use and analysis of business data Structure right management of da ta create val in long term and make decisions Data - raw = computers, easily replaced by automating and outsourcing Information – structured, data when sorted and organized, easily replaced by automating and outsourcing Ex: separate based on gender, population = computers Provide answers = make good decisions Need insight Knowledge - put understanding, and how to use info = humans Ppl come and go, ppl quite =today = we are highly mobile = company need to org data in new ways B4 = ppl are staying a lot, and view employment as longterm Need way to enter data Data + access = answers Wisdom – be able to make good choices in the future , know customers = humans Lecture 9: Business Intelligence Intelligence made by dicsion Intelligence + decision = make good decision Data access + access = More data= more demand Increase functionality at reduced cost Intuitive access BI = turning data in to right at right time to right ppl Easily maageed by IT Usability Save time Provide access to more ppl Ppl make decisions Ppl getting right data at right sources Explicit knowledge – data can be
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