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Lecture 10

lecture 10

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Week 11: Ethics and Professional Practice Businesses needed to be trusted ethics Who owns things An investor would care about the ethics of the managers Enron Provided fraudulent accounting info Misrepresented performance of corp Bankruptcy Ppl lost life savings Ppl lost their job 1 killed himself 1 in jail Law govern which ppl should act Ethical Conduct Gov diresctly involved in how power utilities set prices Set prices markets would bea r articfially inflate prices take adv of legislation Behav out of sync from legislation Ex: artists and record label and stores that sell music and fans (b/c artisits may not contin) Sarbin Oxley Make sure look at val of stock had crediablity has stamp of approval and is quality = trust 100% accurate – data is accurate Substistatry in Canada f/ US Score of integrity of data Protect use of data Ethics Week 11: Ethics and Professional Practice Values, moral codes, legal codes Personal framework help make choices, help govern ourselves Values – can change over time, good/bad, prioritize decisions Start f/ individual Live in culture that makes sharing so easy = tech Cost society millions of dollars Benifits If comp doing something illeg al we could be held resp for if don’t do anything Eai
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