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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Catherine Middleton

Exam Name TRUEFALSEWrite T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false1Operational management is responsible for directing the daytoday operations of the business 1and therefore needs transactionlevel informationAnswer TrueFalse2Deciding whether to introduce a new product line is the responsibility of an operational 2managerAnswer TrueFalse3Business processes refer to the manner in which work is organized coordinated and focused to 3produce a valuable product or service Answer TrueFalse4The performance of a business firm depends on how well its business processes are designed 4and coordinated Answer TrueFalse5Information systems automate many steps in business processes that were already automated5Answer TrueFalse6Ordering a book online from chaptersindigoca or downloading a music track from iTunes are 6entirely new business processes based on old business modelsAnswer TrueFalse7Functional systems that operate independently of each other are becoming a thing of the future 7because they cannot easily share information to support crossfunctional business processesAnswer TrueFalse8Operational management middle management and senior management each use a specific type 8of system to support the decisions they must make to run the companyAnswer TrueFalse9At the operational level tasks resources and goals are predefined and highly unstructured 9Answer TrueFalse10Managers need TPS to monitor the status of internal operations and the firms relations with the 10external environment Answer TrueFalse11Transaction processing systems are often so central to a business that TPS failure for a few hours 11can lead to a firms demise and perhaps that of other firms linked to itAnswer TrueFalse12Middle management needs systems to help with monitoring controlling decisionmaking and 12administrative activitiesAnswer TrueFalse13Sometimes you will hear TPS referred to as business intelligence systems because they focus on 13helping users make better business decisions Answer TrueFalse14Digital dashboards are becoming an increasingly popular feature of DSS14Answer TrueFalse15Information that was previously fragmented in different systems can be easily shared across the 15firm to help different parts of the business work more closely togetherAnswer TrueFalse16Enterprise systems integrate the key business processes of an entire firm into a single software 16system that enables information to flow seamlessly throughout the organizationAnswer TrueFalse17Supply chain management SCM systems help businesses manage relationships with their 17customers Answer TrueFalse18Customer relationship management CRM systems help firms manage their relationships with 18their customers Answer TrueFalse19SCM systems consolidate and integrate customer information from multiple communication 19channelsAnswer TrueFalse20Salesforcecom is a marketleading provider of ondemand customer relationship management 20CRM softwareAnswer TrueFalse21Transaction processing systems TPS enable organizations to better manage processes for 21capturing and applying knowledge and expertiseAnswer TrueFalse22Knowledge management systems KMS also link the firm to external sources of knowledge22Answer TrueFalse23KMS support processes for acquiring storing distributing and applying knowledge as well as 23processes for creating new knowledge and integrating it into the organization Answer TrueFalse24DSS applications create deepseated changes in the way the firm conducts its business and they 24are often costly to implement Answer TrueFalse25Intranets and extranets are really more technology platforms than specific applications25Answer TrueFalse26An intranet typically centres on a portal that provides a single point of access to information 26from several different systems and to documents using a Web interface Answer TrueFalse27End users are representatives of departments outside the information systems group for whom application
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