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Lecture 5

ITM 100 Lecture 5: Running the Business from the Palm of Your Hand

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Debapriya Sen

Ravinder Sandhu #500777708 Running the Business from the Palm of Your Hand 1. The applications described in this case study are e-mailing and messaging, social networking (contacts), create/edit documents for presentations in PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets. The applications of these business functions support communicating with colleagues and help support a location-based store with inventory or any other necessities. The applications mentioned in this case study improves operation efficiency by eliminating a communication barrier. The employees can communicate wherever they are. Employees are not limited to phone calls or inter-office mail to interact with one another anymore. All an employees need is a networking device they can easily send and receive valuable information without any interruption which increases the workflow. The communication helps with Managers receiving information and data to make good/faster decisions which increase productivity. 2. In this case, study Running the Business from the Palm of Your Hand, the reader is introduced to four companies. Each business is dealing with an issue which they solved using mobile digital devices. Each company: Eric Jackson runs a 120-person company with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Jackson’s spends half of each year following competitions and events through North America. Eric Jackson is running a business called Jackson Kayak, which is the leading Kayak manufacture. Jackson meets directly with dealers and customers to keep a strong customer relationship. Due to his strong customer relationships, his company is expanding globally. Jackson uses his mobile devices to access his entire cooperation. This allows Jackson to analyze customer data, refresh his website, or approve new designs. This makes his company a lot more efficient than other companies in his industry. Jackson can easily email clients on the go, which increases productivity. At Jackson's current shop, the managers and employees use Mobile devices to compare manufacturing equipment side-by-side images of replacement parts. General Electric (GE) is the second business that was introduced in this case study. General Electric is one of the largest companies. General Electric employees use their mobile devices to access emails, contacts, documents, and electronic presentations. General Electric employees also use iPhone and iPad apps to help find them patterns and trends in a large mass of data. Managers use an app to help see storage of global factories. They can easily zoom into a location and check their storage and what that location needs amongst supplies. After gathering that information, they can send out the required supplies. Dow Corning is having operations in 60 countries. The company has designed a mobile application that allows executives to analyze real-time data from their core corporate system. This allows them to view sale figures, trends, and projections. The app also tracks the number of visitors on their websites which helps them with Google AdSense Analytics. This application is known to be “The Roambi Visualizer.” Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest equipment rental companies in the United States. More than 1200 of their employees interact with iPhones or any other mobile devices. Employees have to use their mobile devices to interact with contacts and using the calendar application. Sunbelt Rentals created a custom application known as “Mobile SalesPro.” They use this application to tie multiple databases into one. This makes it more effective and efficient than access database through multiple applications. Employees can share statics to help increase productivity through a mob
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