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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ayesha Khan

Air Canada Takes Off with Maintenix Case Study #2 Mariam Chaudry Student #: 500466403 To Think About 1. Air Canada hopes that the Maintenix will solve the communication issue between the systems. The main problem was that the systems could not interact with on another especially the finance and inventory systems. With a multi-billion dollar company that is responsible for such important services communication is extremely important. Loosing time and money in areas that a company shouldn’t is a setback and extremely unprofessional because they are losing money and time. They also hope to decrease the costs that the inadequacies the systems were causing. Air Canada hopes that the solution will eventually provide supplementary functionalities to Air Canada Engineering, Materials Management, Technical Records department, and is expected to be completely executed at all Air Canada locations. 2. Matintenix provides a stable system platform that is easily manageable via Web and easy to deploy to very station around the world. Maintenix improves operational efficiency by not wasting any valuable time by decreasing repetitive tasks, and not having incomplete information on hand. This was accomplished by allowing the finance, maintenance, and engineering divisions to easily and more efficiently share information. Maintenix provides a complete range of services allowing Air Canada to improve decision making. This is because information is now completely transferred and available for all interrelated departments, avoiding further confusion and mishaps. Another key factor about Maintenix is that all the information provided is located in one place, resulting in fast scheduling and avoids difficulties or poorly structured information systems. In result, saving time, money and satisfying consumer needs more efficiently. 3. Three examples of decisions supported by the Maintinex system: - Line maintenance is involved with matching an active list of maintenance work necessities against limited resources at varying locations within a continually changing flight schedule. Including line station planning application that helps make decisions to schedule maintenance and assign tasks based on a vast platform of information. - The Maintenix engineering model is used to establish and decide the rules, and maintenance program that every other module depends on. Using this module the airline can organize a logical configuration to provide information such as: compatibility rules, and part relationships. - The material management module helps manage work with a degree of logic ensuring convenience of parts without overstocking. In result is assists wit
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