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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 1 Why it mattersInformation Systems are very important in our daily life o Blackberry Twitter FacebookOrganizations that ignore the impact of technology and Information Systems have a high change at risk The adoption of the internet within a decadeRadio to television took many decadesIndividuals and organizations must keep up with technologyMoores Lawstates that computing power as the number of transistors in an integrated circuit roughly doubles every 18 monthso It illustrates the rate of change in technology capability over time and the resulting effect on costo Moores law means more performance for lower cost o More transistors into smaller space o Processing power measured in millions of instructions per second MIPS has risen because of increased transistor counto Technology will improve 1 percent per weeks and approx 1115per quarterInformation Technologyis a key enabler to all organizations and impacts all organizations and it impacts all business disciplines It is hardware software and communication Allow individuals and organizations to accomplish goalsWithout people clear goals and process IT itself is irrelevantKnowledge WorkThis involves the discovery analysis transformation synthesis and communication of data information and knowledge What is information system Information Systemis an organized collection of people information business process and IT designed to transform inputs into outputs in order to achieve goalsThey enhance work decision makings problem solving communication and coordinatingIPO Model Input Data Knowledge Information and decisions Process People business process Information Technology Output Business Value As this inputprocessoutput IPO model shows a business should design its information system to leverage the human ability to use information technology to its best advantage By doing this the output is more than the sum of its parts data information knowledge decisionsit is the creation of business value
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