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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

THE COMPONENTS OF ITWhen you think about it all IT including computers mobile phones and PDAs are actually limited to the following capabilities accepting and storing informationperforming mathematical calculationsapplying logic to make decisionsretrieving displaying and sending informationconsistently repeating the above actions many timesInformation technology consists of three basic categories hardware software and networksHardware is the electronic and mechanical components that you can see and touch such as your computer monitor Software is the set of instructions that direct the hardware While not necessary for all IT devices network technology increases their power by allowing users to share resources including hardware software and information The three basic categories hardware soft ware and networks together create a platform Hardwareis the electronics and mechanical components that you see and touchthe physical parts of the system from more adjustable partthe software6 Basic IT Hardware categoriesInput Output Storage Communication Memory ProcessingProcessing Hardwaredirects the execution of instructions and transformation of data using transistorsTransistors is a electronic switch that can either be on 1 or off 0 are referred to as digital dataA transistor is a very small device made out of semiconductor material that acts as a switch to control electronic signalsA tiny chip made up of transistors is called a microprocessorMicroprocessor chips carry out many different processing operations within a computer including handling input and output as well as the actual conversion of data into informationContains most of the components that make up the central processing unit CPUThe speed of called the clock speedMeasured in megahertz millions of cycles per secondsMeasured in gigahertz billions of cycles per secondComputer Hierarchycategorizes processors according to their powerComputer TypeRelative Processing PurposeExamplePower SupercomputersLargest and fastestPerforms processor Environmental intensive Canadacomputations using parallel processingMain frameLargeCarries out many of Health Canadathe organizational
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