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Lecture - Chapter 2

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Information Technology Management
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ITM 100
Ron Babin

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Chapter 2 The Components of IT All IT devices are limited to the following capabilities Accepting and storing data and information Performing mathematical calculations Applying logic to make decisions Retrieving displaying and sending information Consistently repeating the above actions many timesInformation Technology CategoriesHardware The electronic and mechanical components you can see and touchSoftware The set of instructions that direct the hardwareNetwork technology Increases the power of IT by allowing the sharing of resources Hardware CategoriesProcessing Directs execution of instructions and the transformation of dataMemory Temporarily stores data and instructions before and after processingInput Provides the interface used for data entry into a deviceOutput Provides the interface to retrieve information from a deviceStorage Stores data information and instructions for the long termCommunications Connects one IT device to another MemoryThere are two types of memory longterm memory ROM and shortterm memory RAMBoth types of memory are stored on memory chipsBoth are measured in number of bytes storedThousands kilobytesKBMillions megabytesMBBillions gigabytesGBRead Only Memory ROMRead Only Memory ROM contains instructions that are not meant to be changed or changed infrequentlyROM is present in most IT devicesIn computers ROM holds instructions used to control the startup processThere are far fewer ROM chips than RAM chips in a computer Random Access Memory RAMRandom Access Memory RAM is the predominant form of memory in a computerThe CPU can access any item stored in RAM directly randomlyRAM is temporary memory so anything in RAM is lost when the computer is shut downIncreasing RAM capacity is the easiest way to increase a computers effectiveness Input HardwareInput devices provide one interface between the internal processes of an IS and its environmentIt allows us to enter data and commands
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