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Lecture - Chapter 7

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 7Standard IS Methodology A methodology provides a framework for the management and technical processes of the project Provides a project team with structure to ensure that everyone is working toward the same project goals Will define most of the development activities that are part of the plan developed by the project managerInitially systems developers used an ad hoc approach called the buildandfix model in which the system is built based on customer interviews and then testedTraditional IS Methodology The Waterfall ModelThe first life cycle model to gain acceptance was the Waterfall model In this model there are a number of phases and a new phase begins only after the preceding phase is acceptably completedIf problems are found it is possible to cycle back to a previous phaseDevelopment activities tend to move downstream through the phases in a formal detailed mannerThe Stages and Importance of the System Development Cycle SDLC 1 Concept The environment within the organization hopefully fosters ideas that use IS to improve its bottom line 2 Inception The organization has an idea focus is
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