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chap 2

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Management Information Systems Fifth Edition Chapter 2 pg 3352 21 Business Processes and Information Systems Business Informationsuppliers customers employees invoices payments course of their products and services Information systems help them organize all of the aboveand make better decisions and executions Business Processes Business process the manner in which work is organized coordinated and focused to produce a valuable product or serviceA business firm depends on how welltheir business process are designed and coordinated Many business process are tied to a specific functional areaExsales and marketing identifying customers Human resources Hiring Employees Other business process cross many functional areas and require coordination across departmentsA simple process turns out to be a complicated seris of business processes that require close coordination of major functional groups in a firmread Para 4 for a good example How Information Technology Enhances Business Process y Instead of performing task manually information systems allowing it become automated y Many people can access and share information y Rep
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