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Education In Canada In most advanced countries, like Canada, education is the responsibility of the government. This is further divided into provincial, federal and local levels. The curriculum execution in Canada is usually done by the Provincial governments because Canada has several provinces. Education levels start from primary, secondary to post-secondary, pre-university and finally university level. Education in Canada occupies 7% of GDP. Basically, the study year in Canada begins from September till June, covering around 190 days. Canadian government supports the education from grade 1 to 12. In Canada, up till 16 years of age, education is necessary with exception in Ontario and New Brunswick where this is 18. According to academics, the system of education in Canada is formed to give students a ‘soft power’ by creating positive attitudes. The subjects that are included in the Canadian educational institutes are of wide variety like antiracism, Native studies, Aboriginal studies, elderly and community visits etc. Education in Canada is spread over assessment-subjects like mathematics, science and language arts and non-assessment subjects like music, visual arts, physical education etc. They ensure that a uniform curriculum is maintained and followed by all publicly funded schools. Education in Canada is offered in both English and French (which is the second major language of the Country). However, students need not worry about their medium of education as both are widely prevalent. The higher education in Canada prompts students to go for professional degrees in order to meet the ever-rising requirements of job market. All those foreign students studying in Canada have a good news, if you acquire a work experience of a reasonable period here, you might get a permanent immigration to Canada. The university education in Cana
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