Lecture - Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Muhammad Shahbaz

Lecture 1 What is Moores LawComputing power roughly doubles every 18 months Who was Mr MooreGordon Moore was a cofounder of Intel Types of IS Found in BusinessThere are a number of types of IS that are widely used in creating business valueTransaction Processing Systems TPSManagement Information Systems MISDecision Support Systems DSSEnterprise Resource Planning ERP SystemsCustomer Relationship Management CRM SystemsTransaction Processing SystemsWhat do they do Capture and process transactions to make them available to the organizationHow does this create business value It enables a business to efficiently and accurately track the transactions that are at the heart of all business activitiesCaptured transaction data can then be used to support decision makingManagement Information SystemsWhat do they do Provide timely information to decision makers through processing and reporting featuresHow does this create business value Timely reporting can enable managers to monitor critical processes and avoid costly mistakesDecision Suppo
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