Lecture - Chapter 5

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Muhammad Shahbaz

Chapter 5ECommerce DefinedEcommerce is the use of information systems technologies and computer networks by individuals and organizations to carry out transactions in order to create or support the creation of business valueEcommerce includes all types of computer networks transactions and business relationships including electronic funds transfers EDI over private networks retail sales and wholesale exchanges over public networks like the Internet o Most people think of ecommerce as electronic shopping over the Internet or B2C ecommerce ECommerce and Products Physical and DigitalProducts can be divided into two primary categories physical and electronicPhysical products anything that requires an actual shipment of a package to the buyerDigital products can be received directly over the Internet or other computer networkEcommerce companies must have backoffice elements to handle order fulfillment and returns for physical goodsCompanies experienced in order fulfillment and returns have tended to be s
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