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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 8Securing Information Systems Security refers to the policies procedures and technical measures used to prevent unauthorized access alteration theft or physical damage to information systemsControls are methods policies and organizational procedures that ensure the safety of the org assets the accuracy and reliability of its records and operational adherence to management standardsDSL Digital Subscriber LinesVoIP Voice over IPWar driving in which eavesdroppers drive by buildings or park outside and try to intercept wireless network trafficMalicious software programs are referred to as malware and include a variety of threats such as computer viruses worms and Trojan horsesComputer virus is a rogue software program that attaches itself to other software programs or data files in order to be executedusually without user knowledge or permissionWorms independent computer programs that copy themselves from 1 computer to other computers over a networkViruses CABIR ComwarriorFrontal AA Trojan horse is a software program that appears to be benign but then does somethingother than expectedTypes of Spyware also act as malicious softwareKey loggers record every keystroke made on a computer to steal serial numbers for software to launch internet attacks to gain access to email accounts to obtain passwords to protected computer systems or to pick up personal info such as credit card numbers Hackers and Computer Crime A hacker is an individual who intends to gain unauthorized access to a computer systemCyber vandalism the intentional disruption defacement or even destruction of a web site or corporate info systemSpoofing hackers attempting to hide their true identities often spoof themselves by using fake email addresses or masquerading as someone else
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