Chapter 6

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Information Technology Management
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ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

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Khushi Sharma Thursday May 17 , 2012 Chapter 6 Repetition Using Loops A Problem The While Loop Statement – Details -syntax of the Java while loop statement is as follow: while () -while is a Java reserved word, which tells the complier that this a while loop statement -the is a Boolean expression -the is an java statement known as the body of the loop -the while loop is a pre-test loop which means it will test the value of the condition prior to executing the loop  Pre-test loop means that it will check first and if the statement is true then it will evaluate it -need to be careful to set the condition false somewhere in the loop so that the loop will end -loops that do not end are called infinite loops -while loops executes 0 or more times, if the condition is false the loop will not execute Infinite Loops -in order for the loop to end, the condition must become false, the following loop will not end -it will print for an infinite number of times because we have no value to the ‘x’ inside the bracket -adding x—above fixes the problem Block Statements in Loops -curly braces are required to enclose block statements in the while loop Sentinel Controlled Loops: -this form is used when we want the program to input a series of data it
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