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Lecture 2

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 207
Youcef Derbal

Analog and Digital Inforamtion Analog Data: a continuous representation analogous to the actual information it represents Digital Data: A discrete representation, breaking the information up into separate elements. Computers cannot work well with analog data, so we digitize the data. Digitalize: Breaking data into pieces and representing those pieces separately. Why do we use binary to represent digitalized data. - It only has to deal with 2 levels. By adding 1 bit you double the amount of resolution. Representing Negative value: Solution : keep all numbers as integers values, with half of them representing negative. Us ing two decimal digits, let 1 through 49 represent 1 through 49 and let 50-99 represent negatives number . 5+-6= -1 94+5= 99 = -1 Formula to computer the negative representation of a number. Negative (l)= 10^k , where k is the number
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