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Lecture 4

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Information Technology Management
ITM 207
Youcef Derbal

How to solve it: 1. Understand the problem 2. Devise a plan a. Divide and Conquer b. Look for a pattern c. Mathematical formulation- solve an equation d. Draw a diagram/picture…. e. Guess and check f. Make a list g. Work backwards h. …etc 3. Carry out the plan 4. Look back (reflect) What is an algorithm? - An Algorithm is a collection of (processing) tasks to be executed in a specific order as a solution to a given problem. Highest mark algorithm: 1. Start 2. Read the first mark 3. Designate the first mark to the highest mark 4. Read the next mark 5. If newly read mark is greater than the highest mark, then make it the highest mark. 6. If all marks are read then proceed to step 7 otherwise repeat step 4-6 in order. 7. Write the highest mark 8. End What is an Algorithm? 1. Finite duration- end occurs within a finite time from start 2. Three core elements:
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