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Youcef Derbal

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Input/ Output Control structure: those that control the flow of processes(logical operators or relational operators) Loops Decisions Computer Programing Language - Language (notation ,syntax, semantics) used to write computer program instructions towards the specification of some algorithm or computation - So far we specified Algorithms using flowcharts (graphical modelling language). - Programming languagesm such as Java, C#, and VB. NET are needed to develop a computer executable specification. - Declarative Programming languages: (Ex: LISP, PROLOG) o An Algorithm is specified in terms of the results expected from the processing. - Imperative Programming Languages (ex: FORTAN, JAVA…) o An algoritm is Declarative Programming Language: defines what the result should be. ( the what) - Functional programming: LISP (List Processing) o (defun factorial (n) o (if (<= n 1) o 1 o (* n (factorial (- n 1) )))) - Logical Programming: PROLOG o Factorial (0,1). o Factorial (N,F) :-  N>0  N1 is N-1  Factorial (N1,F1),  F is N * F1 Imprative Programming Langauges: Tells step by Step Instructions to do certain steps (the how) - Procedural Programming: FORTRAN o FUNCTION FACT (N)  FACT=1 o DO 10 J=2, N o FACT = FACT *J o 10 CONTINUE o RETURN o END - Objective- Oriented Programming: JAVA o Static in
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