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Information Technology Management
ITM 301

September 26, 2012 1. The Physical Layer (Final Notes) 2. TCP/IP Model 1) Fiber Optic Cable a. Single Mode (Baseband) i. Faster ii. Baseband iii. Comes in the following versions (types) 1. 10GBaseER (10 G/s, Baseband, Extended Reach) up to 40 Km 2. 10GBaseLR (LR = Long Range) up to 10 Km iv. Is not flexible v. Very expensive vi. Hard to install vii. Rogers & Bell using these types of cables to deliver TV/Internet to homes/businesses b. Multimode (Broadband) i. Can deliver multiple signals using the same cable ii. Mixed of fiber glass and plastic materials iii. Flexible to install iv. Cheaper than single mode v. More flexible vi. This cable comes in these types: 1. 1000BaseSX (SX = Short eXtend) 500 m 2. 1000BaseLX (up to 1 Km) c. Source of Info: Laser Light, LED (Light Emitting Diode) d. Used as backbone cable e. Immune to: EMI, RFI, noise f. Typical distances i. UTP/STP – 100m ii. Coaxial 1. 10Base2 – 185m 2. 10Base5 – 500m iii. Fiber – 300m – 40Km g. Types of Cables i. Coaxial ii. Twisted Pair iii. Fiber Optic 2) Modem/Telephone up to 36.6 Kbps, Uses RJ-11 3) xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line) a. ADSL (Asynchronous DSL)  Different Upload (256 Kbps)/Download (2 M/s) b. SDSL (Synchronous DSL)  Upload/Download (2 M/s) 4) T1 – Digital Line 1.45 M/s a. T3 – 45 M/s 5) Physical Layer typical hardware a. Cables b. MUX – Splitter (DEMUX) c. Repeaters – extends coax/fiber cable d. HUB – type of repeater for Twisted Pair Cable e. Terminator – Both ends of a coaxial cable must be terminated f. Fiber Optic connectors: ST, SC, MTRJ (new) g. BNC – Coaxial cable connector h. Serial Cable RS232  Router to computer, laptop to projector =
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