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ITM 301 - Notes (Lesson 4)

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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

1. The physical layer (Final Notes) 2. TCP/IP Model 1- Fiber Optic Cable a. Single Mode (Baseband) i. Fiber Glass: 1. Faster 2. Baseband 3. Comes in following version (Types): a. 10 G Base ER (10 g/s, Baseband, Extended Reach) up to 40km b. 10 G Base LR (LR = Long Reach) = up to 10km 4. Is not flexible 5. Very expensive 6. Hard to install 7. Rogers & Bell are using these types of cables to deliver TV/Internet for home and businesses. b. Multimode (Broadband) i. Can deliver multiple signals using the same cable ii. Mix of fiber glass & plastic materials  flexible to install 1. Cheaper than single mode 2. More Flexible a. 1000 Base SX (Shorter Extend) i. Typical Distance =500m b. 1000 Base LX (Longer Extend) i. Typical Distance = 1km 2- Source of info: a. Laser Light b. LED(Light Emission Diode) c. Is used as backbone back bone cable d. Immune against EMI, RFI noise e. Typical Distances – 300m  40km UTP & STP = 100m Coaxial a) 10 Base 2  185m b) 10 Base 5  500m 3. Cables: a. Coaxial b. Twisted pair c. Fiber Optic  Modem/Telephone  Up to 36.6 kb/s, uses RJ11  xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line)  ADSL (Asynchronous DSL) = Different Upload / Download Speed 2m/s  SDSL (Synchronous DSL) = Upload = Download (2m/s)  T1 Digital Line = 1.45m/s  T3 Digital Line = 45m/s 4. Physical Later Typical Hardware a. Cables b. Mux c. Repeater: Extended Cables d. Hub: Is a type of repeater for twisted pair cable e. Terminator f. Fiber Optic Connectors: i. ST ii. SC
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