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ITM 301 - Notes (Lesson 9)

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

Cloud computing & Remote access chapter 10 1. The heart of a cloud system is a concept called virtualization. 2. Virtualization is an emulation of a computer, operating system environment or application. 3. Virtualization provides the following characteristics: a. Virtual machine: A virtual map of a physical machine. i. Note*~ A physical machine represents a file called virtual machine. b. From a security perspective, instead of monitoring multiple physical servers, we can focus on effective monitoring of a centralized system. c. Virtualization is an environmental friendly IT solution (use less power) d. Platform independent an IP enabled device (Laptop, Workstation, cell phone, Ipad…) can connect to virtual resources(hardware, software) e. Multiple organizations can share the costs of hardware and software. f. Virtual systems provide loose coupling structures which means providing elasticity and scalability Cloud computing - Cloud computing is a convenient, on demand network access to a showed pool of resources(network, storage, computer application) by providing a high level of abstraction called virtualization. - A cloud system provides the following service models: o SaaS (Software as a Service) o PaaS (Platform as a Service)(Server application, development network operating system) o IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)  HaaS (Hardware as a Service) Types of clouds (deployment models) 1. Private cloud: owned by a single organization. a. It provides virtualization b. It provides multiplatform features (multiple devices) 2. Community cloud: a. Shared resources by several organizations, common securities, common policies, shared requirements. (e.g. Suppliers + providers cloud) 3. Public cloud: re
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