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Lesson 4: TCP/IP,

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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

Chapter 4 1. TCP/IP: is a suite of protocols more than 120 protocols from HTTP to RDP & more 2. Socket = IP + Port 3. TCP: Transmission Control Protocol - Connection oriented protocol - Guarantees message delivery - It does error checking - It is slower than UDP UDP: - connectionless oriented protocol - It is a broadcast protocol - Does not gurantee mass delivery - Faster then TCP - Ex. Junk mail DHCP 4 DHCP: Dynamic Host Config. Protocol - Is a server that assigns IP addresses to client computers - The IP Assignment is done in 4 steps called DORA STEP 1 : DISCOVERY STEP 2: OFFER STEP 3: REQUEST STEP 4: ACKNOWLEDGE 5 – Dynamic Update (DDNS) Client: MAC, computer server received this IP 6- A DHCP server assigns an IP to a client for 8 days by default - After 50% of lease time the client applies for IP renewel IPConfig/renew - If the server is not available, it tries again after 8 days - If the server is not available after 8 days - The client assigns itself and APIPA address - Which is an IP in the following range 169.254.x.x Ex: 7. DNS: Domain Name System - DNS resolves domain names into their IP Addresses - DNS resolves also IP to Name Ex. Nslookup – type = NS  Who is Ryersons DNS Server  an IP - a DNS is a database of Network Resources - DNS network resources can be queried by the above command (see lab 3) DNS Registers the fallowing Resources in it database A – hostname, ComputerName, ex: PC1, NS – name server (DNS ITSELF) SRV- server PTR – pointer for IP-to- Name Ex. PC1 CNAME Alias CanonicalName Alias* Ex seven1 8. DNS ROOT SERVERS Top level domain names are assigned by ICANN, these names are globally unique - Secondary domain names can be changed by the orga
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