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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

Chapter 1 Client/server vs peer-to-peer model a. Peer-to-peer -small network (small size, home net) -supports up to 10 computers nodes (WS1…..WS10) -There is no centralized server -does not have a centralized security system -Each node is responsible for managing its resources -Each node is acting as a client (very active) and a server (very passive) b. Client/server model -there is a dedicated server, designed to manage and control network resources -supports “unlimited” # of clients -“very” secure Chapter 2 OSI = Open Systems Interconnection ISO = International Standard Organization MAC = Media Access Control = Physical Address (IP is logical Address) LLC = Logical Link Control =Data flow control =Bits 2. OSI/ISO model – A model for computer communication Layer 7 Application = User interface Browser 6 Presentation = file format, Security in terms of encryption, Language 5 Session = connections between computers. establishes, manages, terminates connections 4 Transport = Data Delivery TCP 3 Network = Addressing, IP 2 Data Link = generates bits / \ MAC LLC 1
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