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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

The Data Link Layer This is the gateway layer for which transferred files from the physical layer move up As covered before a single file cannot be sent at once it must be segmented each segment sent one at a timeThis is done using a packet received by the NIC The Data Link Layer covers frames Before we begin let me remind you that what is most paramount to retain from your knowledge of the Physical Layer are Modulation Mux Cables transmission meda IEEE topology Frequency Hertz The Data Link Layer is divided into two sublayers 1 LLC Logical Link Control 2 MAC Media Access Control Note ARP Address Resolution Protocol is used to report the physical address MAC from a given IP addressEG ARP a shows all MAC addresses cached into the computer if entered into the command console LLC The main function of this sublayer is to generate frames out of packetsIt provides services to the net layer above it as receiver and to MAC as senderLLC is a middleman between the
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