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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

Chapter 4 Media Access ContinuedGenerally we have two types of networksregardless of the topology A PeertoPeer Network in this fashion there is no dedicated server Workstations are connected to each other without a centralized server to manage services Say you share a printer between multiple work stations in BUS topology Recall that in PeertoPeer the maximum number of nodes which can be connected is Nodeany device with an IP ten Each computer is a client and a server but they are very active clients and passive servers B ClientServer Network The server is the centralized manager and can have an unlimited number of clients So at the heart of this system there is a dedicated server The server uses special operating systems Windows 2003 2008 Unix Linux The dedicated server is running a NOS Network Operating System The server controls access to network resources Note ClientServer Network requires an existing network infrastructure topologyThough we have numerous topologies the most popular topology today is Regarding the Ethernet Supports StarBUS IEEE 8023 Star Support CAT 3455a5e although CAT 3 and 4 are not starCat5 Shielded Twisted Pair OR Unshielded Twisted Pair Note Cat 3 is a Toke
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