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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 6 notes Problems of managing data resources in a traditional file environment, how are they solved by management The traditional techniques make it difficult for organizations to keep track of all the pieces of data that they use in a systematic way and to organize these data so that they can be easily accessed. The traditional way usually creates problems over time such as data redundancy, inconsistency, dependence, inflexibility, poor security and lack of data sharing. A DBMS (database management system) solves the problems with software that permits centralization of data. Important principles of database design? Logical and physical Logical – should reflect its key business processes and decision making requirements. The process of creating small, stable, flexible and adaptive data structures from complex groups of data when designing AKA normalization It will NOT have many-to-many relationships.. each specific task is assigned with attributes.. An ERD (entity relationship diagram) shows the relationship between entities in a relational database. It considers whether a complete database or portions of the database can be distributed to more than one location to increase responsiveness
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