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Use Case Model Review

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Information Technology Management
ITM 305
Youcef Derbal

USE CASE MODELING REVIEW Requirement Specification – Data Dictionary and Context Diagram, List of Natural Statements (Requirement Set), Problem Statement ○ They use natural language (rich, nuanced, not constrained), English ○ Challenging to communicate requirements precisely and unambiguously ...... Use Case Modeling – Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Use Case Description – How the system shall behave to satisfy the user requirements ○ They use UML (Unified Modelling Language)  Facilitate communication between Analysts, Designers, Clients, Managers, etc  Amenable to standard methods of analysis  Useable throughout the software life cycle Context Diagram – Shows the boundaries of the system and the category of users expected to interact with the system (Actors) Use Case Diagram – Specifies of the “pieces” of system functional behaviour that would satisfy the itemized of user requirement – *Each major/coherent functional behaviour “piece” is called a Use Case – It is the process of moving “ what the user wants from the system” to “how the system shall behave to satisfy it” ○ There is no reference to the internal structure of the system  It doesn’t care about how the system should be made Use Case Example: System Sequence of Actions 1) The customer submit a completed payment form 2) The System validates the customer’s payment information 3) The System submit the payment request to the financial institution 4) The System notifies the C
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