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Windows domain infrastructure ITM315 lecture 1.doc

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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

Windows domain infrastructureGlobal catalog AD Domain Root of forestADChild 1Enterprise ADChild 2Note the first domain installed in a network automatically takes the role of root domain eg root of forestActive directory AD each domain has a database of all objects users groups printers OUs computers identified by these unique securities ID SIDA SID is a globally unique ID GUID that identifies an object and its attributesGlobal Catalog the root domain has an additional Database called global catalog GCA GC has partial information about all objects within an enterprise systemAll SIDUniversal group membershipObject names and attributesPointer to other features local domain membershipContains Domain Trust Relationship informationAllows users to log into their domain using UNPUNP user naming principal has the following generic format usernamefully qualified domain name FQDN ex nancychild1domaincomDomain VS DNSA Domain must have an authorized DNS ServerA DNS maps IP to names name resolution or names to IPNote to find out about your DNS IP address nslookup
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