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Lecture 7

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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

Group policy object GPODefinition A GPO is an object that is used toControl users desktop and network environmentControl net security IPsecGPTApply login scriptsGPODeploy software Reduce total cost of ownership TCOGPCRedirect folders to a centralized locationGPO containsA GPTGPT Group policy templateContains the actual group policy settings DataGPT is located at systemrootsysvolNote Sysvol is a folder that contains GPT active directory replication data scripts and moreB GPCGPC Group policy ContainerLocated in ADidentified by its GUIDContains version GP Conflict resolutionA The order of GPO Local computer Site Domain ParentOU ChildOURulesIf there is no conflict between policies all policies appliedSecurity policies such as password policy IPsec policy Account lockout policy All are domain level policies onlyNon security policies the policy applied last Child OU is appliedSite
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