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ITM330 - Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 330
Selcuk Savas

ITM330 - Chapter 1 • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) o Core software used by companies to coordinate information in every area of the business o Help to manage company-wide business processes, using a common database and shared management reporting tools • Business Process o Collection of activities that takes one or more kinds of input and creates an output that is of value to the customer • Functional Areas of Operation o Marketing and Sales (M/S)  Marketing product, taking sales order, customer support, customer relationship management, sales forecasting, advertising  Inputs • Customer data, order data, sales trend data, per-unit cost, travel expense company policy  Outputs • Sales strategies, product pricing, employment needs o Supply Chain Management (SCM)  Purchasing goods/raw materials, receiving goods and raw materials, transportation and logistics, scheduling production runs, manufacturing goods, plant maintenance  Inputs • Product sales data, production plans, inventory levels, layoff and recall company policy  Outputs • Raw material orders, packaging orders, resource expenditure data, production and inventory reports, hiring information o Accounting and Finance (A/F)  Financial accounting of payments from customers to suppliers, cost allocation and
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