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Week 8-Chapter 8: Questions & Answers Included

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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Wednesday October 31 , 2012 ITM407 Week 8 Preparation Notes Readings: Tavani Chapter 8 Community, Personal Identify and Sense of Self in Cyberspace – Section 8-1 Tavani Social Equality Chapter 7 The Digital Divide and the Transformation of Work – Section 7-1 *Huff, Sex Bias in Educational Software Overview: The proliferation of ICT and its unique characteristics have forced us to revisit our understanding of what we mean by various concepts. Before the break we revisited the concept of privacy and how it has evolved from a focus on individual property and ownership to include control over personal information. Because of the easier access that technology provides to our personal information, our concerns over privacy are linked to concerns of security and safety. In this half of the semester we are considering how other concepts might have changed - concepts such as community, social equality, property, democracy, the learning environment, personal relationships, etc. This week we are looking at community and how it has evolved from the community within walking distance of the 18th century to the global community of today and what issues does that bring? The Concept of Community: Read Tavani Chapter 8 and consider the following question: 1. How have online communities affected our traditional notion of “community”? Online communities have made it possible to extend the geographic boundaries of traditional community life. Individuals that are separated by continents and oceans can now interact with other from different parts of the world using instant messaging software’s such as MSN, Wednesday October 31 , 2012 online forums, or even social networking sites such as Facebook. Moreover, individuals are now able to write blogs to express their concern regarding issues within seconds. Upon posting your blog, people will be able to look at it, comment on it and express their own viewpoints. In an online community like the blogosphere it is not necessary to know one each other in order to interact, there could be individuals from anywhere in the world commenting on the blog and sharing their opinions. As a result, online communities are borderless. 2. What are the positive and negative features of online communities? Positive features are: • People are able to meet new people and perhaps even find your life partner through dating sites like eHarmony • Users can form online medical support groups which is designed to address issues for like-minded people • Users can communicate with people online because they might not be able to communicate in person • Promotes individual freedom because m
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