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What should Bluestein tell the client

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Decision Analysis Template Facts Stakeholder Impact Risks/Consequences • Chase has been downsized and appears to not be contactable • TTI company • The marketplace could lose trust • Recent Test Results show software isn’t working as we o Shareholders - loss in profits, possible lawsuit in TTI and TTI could suffer huge losses, possible bankruptcy experienced it a week ago. o Dr. Bluestein - responsible for the project • It may take several weeks to fix the problem o Developers and Testers at TTI - additional work • Chase could sue for libel • Security and reliability is especially important to a bank. to fix the problem; juggle several projects • National Commerce Bank could • Client told software was ready for installation o Current and future customers - loss in trust of sue for delay TTI; delay in their projects • National Commerce Bank could • Client will lose $60,000 per month of delay • Chase had access to the backups, the software and the audit file • National Commerce Bank lose customers after he was let go. o Shareholders - Loss in revenue, possible loss in • Quality of the software could be market share poor with unexpected results o Client contact - promotion; reputation appearing in the future. o Client staff - increased workload o Customers - possibly leave to another bank • Chase - reputation, ability to get another job Professional Roles & Policies? Virtues? Duties? Rights? Benefits/Costs? Standards (SEI Responsibilities Code of Ethics) • Bluestein must • Bluestein’s role as a • Contract between • Honesty, Trust, • As a consultant • Rights of • The overall deliver a product manager and his TTI and NCB Integrity, Reliability Bluestein has a duty of the bank’s profitability of that is reliable, responsibilities to includes: -virtues that Chase care to his client that is customers the firm is more meets the manage his staff requirements, didn’t honour and of a higher to security important than requirements and with respect and timeframes, virtues that Bluestein responsibility than his of their keeping Chase in delivered at an attain the results for penalties should consider duty to his company. informatio his job. agreed time. his client. • Perhaps TTI Code n and However, TTI • Bluestein is • Bluestein’s of Conduct accounts. will probably pay required to act in responsibilities to • Employee • Rights of more to fix the the best interests the shareholders to the bank to software than Contract or Non- what they saved of his client provide business disclosure know of in Chase’s salary •Bluestein should value. agreement the risks to manage the • HR and IT’s their when they let him software responsibilities to software. go. development provide services to process in a the organization to responsible support successful manner. delivery of projects. •Bluestein should act with integrity in dealing with his client. Alternative 1 - Alternative 2 - Alternative 3 - We expect that the problems are minimal and say that we discovered We expect that the problems are quite big and say we Go in aggressively indicating that a couple of last minute bugs that should be fixed in the next couple of discovered some bugs in last minute testing that are this is TTI’s problem and Bluestein days. of a concern. Our developers estimate that it will is their client contact and he is take some time to determine the extent and a responsible. Pros: No need to alarm the Bank. The software will be fixed quickly probably a month to fix the problems. • One final test raised concerns and installed within a couple of weeks. Bluestein can tidy up the about some changes that were process problems at TTI in the meantime. Don’t mention compensation but be prepared when made to the software, that we client asks. Don’t mention Chase but if the client
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