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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Decision Analysis TemplateFactsStakeholder ImpactRisksConsequencesworkers un unhappy with the monitoringclients receive lower quality of servicethe constant monitoring could cause an systemwithin a short period of time than they increase in higher health insurance costit is causing great stress on agentsnormally would from the travel agents increase in turnoverincrease in productivity by 15 clients would be unhappy since travel negative effects over long term can offset agents are under constant monitoring and productivity gains right now pressured to finish call and move on to next clientcompany operates at a more efficient and productive rate of activityProfessional RolesPoliciesDutiesRightsBenefitsCostsStandardsResponsibilities agents areKatherine Daviscompany has rightagents are toemployees rightincrease in required to work in as human resource to monitor its retain potential to privacyproductivity by an efficient manner director helps relay employees in order clients through employers right to 15 and if it and provide a high messages from to ensure they are phone callsmonitor employeescontinues Topper quality of customer employees towards performing to the managements are can eliminate service to their their supe
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