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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 430
Markiyan Sloboda

Lecture 2 4 stages; inception, collaboration, construction, transition Inception:  It is the strategy of finding out what you are going to do, is it feasible? rough estimate of cost?  It is to establish some common vision for objectives of the project, determine if feasible and decide if it is worth investigation in elaboration. Artifacts that start in inception:  Vision and business case-describes high level goals  Use case mode;- describes functional requirements  Supplementary specs: describes other requirements  Glossary- key terms  Risk list and risk management plan- technical risks to result in lower risk  Prototypes  Iteration plan: describes what to do in first elaboration iteration.  Phase plan and software development plan: guess for elaboration phase duration, Tools, people, education and other resources.  Development case: description of customized UP (unified process steps and artifacts for this project) Requirements and use cases:  Sloppy requirements can ruin the project, must be specific and done early.  FURPS- functionality, usability, reliability, performance, supportability Vision: High level requirements that are elaborate in the use case model (set of typical scenarios of using a system) Supplementary specification: i.e. p
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