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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 430
Markiyan Sloboda

Week 4 Sequence and Communication Diagrams: -there are 2 specialized UML diagrams 1. Sequence Diagram  Illustration is in a fence format, in which each new object is added to the right hand side  Clearly shows sequence or time ordering of message (strength)  Forced to extend to the right when adding new objects; consumes horizontal space (weakness) : A myB : B doOne doTwo doThree 2. Communications Diagram  Illustrates object interaction in a graph or a network format, objects can be placed anywhere on the diagram  Space economical flexibility to add new objects in two dimensions (strength)  More difficult to see sequence of message, fewer notion options (weakness) doOne : A 1: doTwo 2: doThree myB : B Basic Message Expression Syntax: -interaction diagrams show messages between objects; the UML has a standard syntax for these message expressions as mentioned earlier, C++, JAVA is acceptable and supported by UML tools -Example:  Return = message (parameter : paramerterType) : returnType -Parentheses are
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