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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 430
Markiyan Sloboda

Week 5 Class diagrams to illustrate classes, interfaces, and their associations, used for static object modeling. Attributes of a classifier is also called structural properties and are shown in several ways:  Attribute text.  Association line notation.  Both together. Note symbol is displayed as a dog eared rectangle with a dashed line to the annotated element. UML not or comment, has no semantic impact. Constraints are encased in braces {...} Method body... The implementation of a UML operation. Operations and Methods: Operation is a method. A UML operation is a declaration, with a name, parameters, return types, exceptions list, and possibly a set of constraints of pre and post conditions. UML method is the implementation of an operation; if constraints are defined, the method must satisfy them. Accessing operations retrieve or set attributes, such as get Price and set Price. A UML keyword is a textual adornment to categorize a model element. <>. Stereotype are shown with <<>> also. A stereotype represents a refinement of an existing modeling concept and is defined within a UML profile. The stereotype declares a set of tags, using the attribute syntax. A property is a named value denoting characteristics of an element. Generalization is shown with a solid line and fat triangular arrow from sub class to super class. A relationship between a more general classifier and a more spe
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