IRL 500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Damien Hirst, Jay Jopling, Kate Moss

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24 Jul 2016
CIRL500 Lecture 10
July 21 2016
Phrases to know:
“Transmedia promotion globally”
- norm in art and design today, promting across various media platforms
- The more media, the better
- Saatchi’s advertising - huge range
“Laissez faire aesthetics”
- Let things happen, eg US capitalism--market shows winners and losers
- LSA is an insult--idea that you let market dictate your taste, let consumer forces shape
your opinion
- LSA means you’re all about the money. Implying no specific idea about what is beautiful,
no foundations/moral underpinning, no longevity or integrity
- Eg supercollectors
“Celebrity industrial complex”
- From military industrial complex: idea that you keep encouraging war to make more
stuff, create conflict to drive business of producing warfare
- Celebs endorse, make own product lines, make themselves a brand, find reasons to do
more shit - existence of gossip mags
“Museums are the academy”
- You are institutionalized, stripped of power for social critique
“Journalistic integrity”
- Reviewing art…
Back to where we left off:
Step 3. Name drop and relate to history
Kate Moss- painting by Stella Vine
- SV is an English painter, controversial, collected by Kate Moss
Holy Water Cannot Help You Now
- Why was KM collecting? Because in same social circles doing coke, Charles Saatchi
turned SV into a celebrity artist
- Interview: mags inform her work--trash inspiring trash
- Claims she’s making celebrity images they happen to like
- AFH says “still treated as outsider” but really that’s a lie
- Be cool but outside the establishment
- Be friends with celebrities and do scandalous things
- Rebellious
- Collectors = credibility
Hi Paul Can You Come Over
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find more resources at
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