IRL 500 Lecture 11: CIRL500Lecture11

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27 Jul 2016
CIRL 500 Lecture 11
July 26 2016
Pierre Pinoncelli
- Art interventions/happenings as critiques of existing ideas
- Attacked Duchamp’s Fountain by peeing into it and then hitting it with a hammer
- Rationale: he did it a favor because it was institutionalized already and wanted to refresh
original message of anti-establishment
- Duchamp would be happy about restoring subversiveness
- Burger: art loses power when it’s in a museum
- PP won’t attack traditional art because that’s vandalism--e.g. Van Gogh is part of the
hierarchy--the ideas represented are canonical and eternal, but Duchamp is about
rejecting the hierarchy, so Pinoncelli’s art - spirit of rejection
Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi
- Intervention on Tracy Emin’s My Bed
- @ Tate shortlist exhibit, they started jumping on the bed. Patrons thought it was part of
the art, started applauding, booed when security came
- No charges made because that showed the UNSTABLE BOUNDARIES of the piece--
people applauding meant they didn’t get it, so if Tracy etc said no to the intervention, her
status would go down
- YC and JJX did it because they thought it was institutionalized, wanted to take it further
Emin- Hellter Fucking Skelter
- Likes quilting pieces, but she doesn’t actually do it herself, has assistants
- Spelling--mistakes everywhere, she says she doesn’t care bec she’s a rebel
- Worked with elementary school students on a piece--later they contacted her re: selling
at charity auction, she said no and demanded it back--had to make another one to
rebuild public image
Venice Biennale 2007
- She did the British pavilion
- Had some works with dick drawings--described as “ladylike” and “mature and lovely
4. Relate art to celebrities you worship
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- Banksy collectors
Picnic by Banksy
- Weird for the adopted kids to know they own this?
- Transactions like this prove Banksy is a real guy
- Becomes more of a brand as time goes, got farm animals and stenciled logos onto them
- Shut down by SPCA
- Grazia article says Pitt and Jolie think they’re making a statement, but it’s all just hype
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